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Nursing 2014
University Of Jos Nigeria

Bachelor's Degree In Nursing Science

Nursing 2013
University of Jos Nigeria

Diploma in nursing science

Midwifery 2016
University Of Jos Nigeria

Diploma in Post Basic Midwifery

Leadership and Management in Health Science 2018
University Of Washington

Certificate of leadership and management in health science

Work & Experience

Nursing Officer July 1, 2014 - April 1, 2015
Comprehensive Military Health Center Obinze, Owerri Imo State Nigeria

Volunteer Staff Nurse DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Observation of patient's vital signs Administration of prescribed medications Physical care and close monitoring of patients in labor Taking and assisting in deliveries in labor ward Resuscitation and general examination of the new born

Staff Nurse May 1, 2015 - May 1, 2016
General Hospital Calabar, Cross Rivers State Nigeria

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Admission and discharge of patients Assessment and planning of patient care, managing and providing general nursing care to patients and families. Administration of prescribed medication. Observation and close monitoring of patient's vital signs. Providing physical, mental and emotional support to patients and their relatives. Health educating patients and relatives on issues that needs to be understood. Pre, intra and post natal care of patients and their babies

Staff Nurse June 1, 2016 - April 1, 2017
Obesesan Naval Medical Centre, Lagos Nigeria

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Pre, intra and post natal services including family planning services Diagnosis and treatment of minor medical conditions such as malaria, cough, anemia etc. Management of labor and delivery Circumcision and ear piercing Prompt referral of clients/patients to appropriate institutions for further management Infant welfare clinics Administration of medication as prescribed Admissions and discharges of patients Participating in the provision of mobile health clinics in rural areas that cannot access healthcare due to poor road networks and financial challenges Educating clients /patients and their families on common childhood diseases, immunization, their health challenges and common remedies / home interventions, self-care, preventive measures and need for continuity of care through compliance with therapeutic regimen and follow up. Equipment used Sphygmomanometer Weighing scale, Meter rules Haemoglobin test strips, clinistix, albustix Fetoscope and Sonicaid Suction apparatus Ambu bag Sterilization machine Oxygen cylinders Bag mask device Oropharyngeal airways Vacuum extractors

Nursing Officer 1 May 1, 2017 - December 1, 2017
National Orthopedic Hospital Lagos Nigeria

Brief description of Duties & Responsibilities ACUTE CARE NURSE- SPINAL CORD INJURY WARDS, 1: Utilizing the nursing process for the comprehensive management of patients, specialized dressings, wound care, including vac therapy, assisting during doppler scanning, IV, PICC and CVP care. 2: Maintaining skin integrity of patients at risk of developing sores through the air mattress/ water bed, turning of patients etc. 3: Maintaining accurate and appropriate records, monitoring and evaluation of patients care. 4: Ensuring wound inspection and dressing to promote wound healing. 5: Giving psychological support to patients, family members and significant others. 6: Providing health education to patients and family members on treatment modalities and their responsibilities. 7: Planning, Coordinating and supervising health attendants working with me at every shift. 8: Care/Management of equipment, gadgets and resource materials for the care of patients. 9: Intervening in acute emergencies, prioritizing care and triaging appropriately. 10: Being part of a surveillance team in charge of emergency drugs, dangerous drug act cupboard and their usage. 11: Giving advice on discharge and educating patients on coping mechanisms for easy rehabilitation. 12: Monitoring and managing patient's treatment plans and discharge plans. 13: Providing pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative care. 14: Carrying out a wide range of wound management skills inclusive of dry dressing and highly exuding wounds requiring VAC therapy. 15: Providing ambulatory assistance to patients with impaired mobility while rehabilitating them. 16: Providing computer- based knowledge to optimize nursing care and patient satisfaction. 17: Performing of last office on patients after death confirmation and providing psychological care to patient's relatives. 18: Nursing patients admitted due to delayed recovery of anesthesia, post operation complications, multiple injuries/fractures, burns, spinal cord injuries, post spinal surgeries, major orthopedic pre and post surgeries. 19: Providing nursing care to patients on varied surgical drains. 20: Providing nursing care for patients on oxygen therapy, intubated, naso-gastric feeding, parenteral nutrition and chest tube drainages. 21: Monitoring blood sugar levels. 22: Putting together treatment plans. 23: Overseeing a team of care assistants. 24: Liaising with the residing doctor and multi-disciplinary team

Staff Nurse January 1, 2018 - December 1, 2018
National Orthopedic Hospital Lagos Nigeria

SURGICAL AND MEDICAL ORTHOPEDIC WARD DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Took and handed over patients and the unit as a whole Assessment of the patient, development and implementation of care Monitored vital signs and checking of abdominal girth Kind and caring disposition with a real commitment to delivering the highest level of care at all times. Collaborating with other members of the interdisciplinary health team to plan, implement, coordinate and evaluate patient care in consultation with the patients and their relatives. Admissions and discharges. Writing of patients' reports. Giving nursing care such as bed bathing, pressure area treatment, feeding of helpless/elderly patients, and other activities of daily living as the need arises. Administration of medications as prescribed. Assisting patients with the rehabilitation process Cases Handled: MALE ORTHOPEADIC WARD Fracture Femur Fracture Tibia/Fibula Osteoarthritis of the Hip Avascular Necrosis of the head of Femur Carpal Tunnel syndrome Soft Tissue Injuries Low back Pains Equipment/Machines Operated: MALE ORTHOPEADIC WARD Suction Machines Ambubag- bag valve mask Traction Kit Skeletal Traction Frame Airbed Oxygen hood Pulse oximeter Cardiac monitor Suction machine Syringe pump (single/ dual syringe pump)

Senior Nursing Officer January 1, 2019 - September 27, 2023
National Orthopedic Hospital Lagos Nigeria

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES SCRUB NURSE 1. Ensures operating room is clean and is set up, ready to be used 2. Prepares the instruments and equipment needed for the procedure 3. Counts all sponges, instruments, needles and other tools and preserves the sterile environment. 4. Selecting and passing instruments to the surgeon. 5. Supporting the surgeon and maintaining patient safety. 6. Ensure the sterile techniques and process are maintained throughout the procedure 7. Counts all instruments, sponges and other tools and informs the surgeon of the count to avoid count discrepancies 8. Removal of tools and equipment from the operating area, and applying dressing to the surgical site. 9. Ensures that the patient is transported to the recovery area and completes any necessary documentation regarding the surgery or the patient's transfer to recovery. 10. Ensures adequate stock levels of surgical materials and consumables 11. Communicating concerns about surgical procedures to the surgeon and anaesthetist. CIRCULATING NURSE 1. Preparing the operating room and checking the stock of supplies and instruments before surgery. 2. Ensures that the right patient is brought to the operating room, under the right surgeon, the type of anesthesia, surgery and sites are confirmed. 3. Ensures/assists in positioning of patient and also ensuring the safety of patients 4. Ensures delivery of solutions and pre packed surgical items in a sterile manner without contamination. 5. As a patient advocate, interacts with the patient before surgery and serves as a patient protector during surgery. 6. Ensures that aseptic technique is not bridged in the course of the surgery. Oversees the surgery. 7. Post operatively, ensures that patient is safely transferred to the recovery room. Samples are labelled and sent to the laboratory. 8. Also assist in scrubbing, gowning and gloving of surgical team members. 9. Ensures that all necessary documentation are done appropriately. RECOVERY ROOM NURSE 1. Ensures patients rooms, Intravenous fluids and drugs are made available before arrival of patients. 2. Ensures proper positioning of patients and functioning of gadgets such as the monitoring device and other devices like warming mat. 2. Ensures proper positioning of patients and functioning of gadgets such as the monitoring device and other devices like warming mat,hot water bottles, blankets are made available. 3. Administration of prescribed intravenous fluids, medications and blood products. 4. Ensures patent airway, adequate oxygenation to the post-operative patients. 5. Ensure safety and comfort of patients during recovery from anesthesia. 6. Assessment of surgical dressings to ensure clean bandages 7. Adequate and proper documentation of care given within the post anesthesia care


Best Nurse of the year 2017
- Best Patient care Nurse - I Initiated a revolving drug system which enable immediate post op drug administration, especially analgesics, there by curbing the long wait time of going to the pharmacy before immediate post op drugs are served, and so relieving patient's pain and suffering
Best Nurse of the year 2018
Most creative and best ability to work with little supervision I suggested that intercom communication system be put in place to curb the time patient spend in the recovery from delay in health assistant walking long distance to inform the ward to come move their patient

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